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Child of God

24th September 1991
16 going on seventeen

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"My chains are gone
I've been set free
My God, my Savior has ransomed me
And like a flood His mercy reigns
Unending love, Amazing grace"

Saturday, July 18, 2009!
she wrote; Put up a fight for His kingdom

Okay, first thing first.. Couple of updates!(:

1. I've got my long-awaited Blackberry Bold!

After getting the BB, my lappie totally felt non-existent to me. I haven't turned it on since i've gotten the BB until now.
I've realised that i'm more connected to the people now. Especially with the CG(: YAY!
And.. Guess what! Vanny dearest has gotten a BB too! At least with the pinning service, 2000 miles seems pretty near(:

2. I've been quarantined

I shan't elaborate on this. Period.

3. I'm still missing school

I'm actually counting down to the days to the start of new sem! AHHH! I can't wait! Academic Excellance! I'm gonna glorify God with my results! I'm gonna use my brain!(:


The devil has been pretty annoying for the past 2 weeks. The are times i felt like giving up, times that i felt exhausted and adding both up, i felt unworthy. Somehow, with all the encouragements from the CG, leaders and the word of God, my spirit just got tougher to fight against the devil. Doesn't the devil understand that all these things that had happened will make me more eager to fight? Nothing's gonna kill that fire burning inside of me.
Keep your heads up, I am so gonna breakthrough in this area and I believe it. Cause I've got Christ in me!(:

Let's plunder hell and populate heaven!

Thursday, July 09, 2009!
she wrote; Maternal Instincts

My younger brother was ill for a couple of days now. Which means, waking up early to prepare his meals, bathing him and what not.

I wasn't much of an organized freak and I can even forgot to give him his medicine for a couple of times now. Thank God he could remember though.

I woke up this morning, disinfecting the entire house. It's no joke man. Totally. From the rooms, to the beds, toilets, kitchens, door handles, phones, remotes and switches. I nearly died from all the cleaning. Not to forget feeding him medicine on time, making sure he's hydrated enough and if he's getting enough rest.

At nights, it gets worse. I wake abruptly every now and then to check on him. Seeing him sleeping peacefully in the same position i've left him will then put my mind to rest.
Is this like to have a child? Having to worry about everything. If they're warm, clothed and healthy?

Being a parent is exhausting. How can one shut their eyes and sleep when the fear that something might happen to your child is looming over you?

Thursday, July 02, 2009!
she wrote; Agg Demand

Gabriel Lee Easier way to remb Agg Demand. Definition of Annlynn (AD) = Crazy (C) + Insane (I) + Gila (G) + Extremely Nonsense (NX). Okay now I'm dead!!

This was the first thing that i saw when i log in to facebook. BMF really lives up to 'BMF' don't he?

Monday, June 29, 2009!
she wrote; Transformation

Valerie and I went to have our hair transformed together(: Shan't tell you how it'll look like. Neither will there be pictures! See for yourself(: MUAHAHAHA.

Val had a breakthrough today- She petted the toy poodle which belonged to the hairdresser. Way to go man!

I really enjoyed going to school today!(: No words can describe how much i yearned to hit those books again!
While taking the train home with the usual people, Val, Clarence and BMF, I had this random thought realised that it's unthinkable what could and would happen if Clarence and Valerie gets stuck in a well. HAHA(: For some reason that are unfanthomable, BMF and i nodded in agreement. I thank God for such lovely school mates. They make school life exciting!

Anyway, last weekend's service with Pastor Joakim was so powerful. I was so impacted and convicted to take my school for Christ now. I'm gonna pray for more opportunities to go into the lives of people! I am convicted to live an others-lifestyle(:

While talking to yiying today, i've realised that she has been VERY happy these days. Like really happy. You can almost feel the joy and love radiating from her heart just by having a casual conversation with her.

God is changing the lives of people, one by one(:

Thursday, June 25, 2009!
she wrote; Joyous

This morning(wednesday), i was woken from my deep slumber by Moo.

Moo: Eh pig! I'm near your house. The TPJC side.
Me: For what? I'm still sleeping..
Moo: I cutting my hair. You want me to go first or wait for you?
Me: We'll go together..
Moo: Okay! I wait for you at the bus stop opposite TPJC. Can you leave in 20 minutes?
Me: Sure... *Obviously dragging my body off the bed and into the toilet*

To cut the long story short, both of us went to meet Valerie Ang, Wei min and Mary for lunch at TM(: We had a great time though!

When it's time for poor Moo and wei min to leave for school and Val for follow-up, Mary came over to my house while i needed to get something before we heeded off to TP together.

I totally felt like 16 again throughout the entire time at TP. And no, I'm not a student there. Mary brought me to their 'space' but there was too many people there though, instead, we roamed round the school.

Thank God time passes really fast and I met Joy at this 'mushroom' thingy in TP. We traveled to Keryn's house together!(: It was really a good and long journey for fellowship. In fact, we took the wrong bus that goes round and round Pasir Ris. But we finally made it to Keryn's house though.

Before we even reached the doorstep, we heard Deedee barking already! He's really adorable man! (F.Y.I; Deedee is Keryn's dog)
Throughout the entire time, he's been super, hyperactive, running around and jumping about! Joy and I played tug-of-war with Deedee too(: He's a lovely dog!

I had fun playing Wii with Kasie and watching Beverly Hills Chi hua hua with the two sisters(: What we discovered was that the puppy in Beverly Hills really looks like Deedee man! Jin Heng was really amazed! HAHAHAHA.

Keryn was really sweet today to make a cup of Ribena for Joy and I. Kasie did have her fair share of sweetness- she ransacked the cabinet and opened a packet of chips for us to share while watching the movie(: They're so servant-hearted. Definitely the DNA of heart of God church(:

Keryn: 'Teacher AnnLynn, Thank you for the jellies.'

That was what Keryn said to me before we left. She's a really sweet girl!(:

In times when we're really busy serving in our ministries, we often tend to lose focus on God and the purpose why we are serving in the first place. We then began to feel worn out by our ministries or that we're doing so much that our spiritual life isn't doing well.

Sometimes, we begin to rely on our own strength and start thinking that, 'I can do it..'
Instead, why can't you think, 'I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me'?
All you have to do is to set your eyes upon God and never take your eyes off Him. Going back to your First love and drawing closer to Him.

Friends and relatives have always questioned me.

'Why do you have to do so much in church?

'See, church doesn't even pay you? '

I was never able to come up with the perfect reason nor answer.

After last saturday's combine service with Pastor Troy, i now know the perfect reason and answer. Now, i can proclaimed it with my utmost faith.
It is God.

Like what Jieru shared the other day with the CG when her lecturer asked if her job was commision-based. She simply replied, 'It's conviction-based.'

Matthew 6:33
But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

Surely, when we build God's dream and home, He will take care of ours.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009!
she wrote;

I was home the entire day today. Tutored my youngest brother from 1pm-5.30pm after which we battled out in same NBA game on the PSP. I trust that he enjoys game so much more than having to do homework. We're opposites! I love homework but hate playing computer/video games. GRRRR. It kills my brain cells and I'll lose my voice in the midst.

After dinner, we had fun together making jellies. I can't wait for tomorrow's visitation man! Can't wait to hear Keryn talk about her dog Deedee and enjoying jellies with Kasie(: Kids are one of the best group of people to hang out with. YAY(:

she wrote; Tribute to freedom

Dearest readers,

It's really amazing to know that someone actually laid His life down for you to be free 2000years ago because He loves you. Christ ain't a fairytale, He is the hope for all mankind.

Looking back at the past 2 years in church, i marveled at the decision I've made 2 years back on 7th of July. Had I not made that decision, I will not be who I am today- loving God, life and people, free of insecurities and the fiery passion i have for everything else. Time didn't changed me, God did.

Every weekend, looking at the lives that are being transformed is so incredible and i will always think to myself, 'their destinies and purpose in life is just beginning to unfold, like how i was.'

From knowing nothing about God, to being a newly-wed to Christ attracted to the hype and excitement, to one who is on-fire and hungering for spiritual things. From PO, problems, circumstances, obstacles, to a fighter. God will make me emerge victorious(:

I thank God for such amazing pastors sowing into the lives of young people.
I thank God for my loving leaders- Dom, Lynette, Jieru and Valerie who constantly inspires me to grow.
I thank God for friends like everyone in D5 (especially Zhengy, Jasmine, Moo, PJ, and Pf who are always the first few to be there when I needed them), Evie, Jolie, Sinfei and BMF.


Sunday, June 21, 2009!
she wrote; Covenant

I was greatly ministered by Pastor Troy during both revival night and combine service. Fresh revelations filled my mind, heart and soul.

Surely, when we build His house, He will build ours.

There was a new level of faith arising in D5 and personally, i feel that God is gonna bring me further this season.

I'm so glad to see yiying in church this weekend((:
There is just this fire burning in my heart whenever i see young people loving and serving God and living their lives for others. You can almost feel the heat radiating from them! God is just awesome!(:

I'm so happy that i can finally get my hands on Pastor Cho's 4th dimension! The book is a must-read! I'm not even through half the book, just one chapter.. One chapter to leave me greatly impacted and hungering for more! I shall devour the book in 2 day's time(: Yay~

I can't wait for Pastors to be back!